Helping people has always brought me joy. 
With Green Bandana Dogs, I can help families
and their dogs improve their  quality of life.

I know what it was like to say goodbye to my dog as I left for work in the morning knowing he'd be alone until I came home 9 hours later.  I wish I had know about dog pack walks. 
Now I offer this service to you and your dog.

Green Bandana Dogs

A dog that is fit and confident is a joy to be with.  Through training and supervised pack walks, a dog will develop a strong sense of self and a quiet confidence that is unmistakable.  Green Bandana Dogs offers training through positive reinforment.  Separately, I can prepare your dog to be off leash for a pack walk with several other dogs.  There is no better gift you can give your best friend.

JR Miller

I have retired after a long career as a business analyst.  Now I've returned to my passion for animals and fascination with animal behavior.  Dog training allows me to continue working with people to improve their skills and add my love for being with dogs.